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The moon is shining brightly and it’s a fragrant summer's evening in the park. The children have left and gone to sleep, but many of their toys have been left behind. Now, something is stirring. Four small garden gnomes have emerged from the foliage. They have gathered by their favorite elephant slide to admire the colorful toys that will soon be theirs. But first things first — it’s time to ride the slide!

Woo-Hoo is an adorable roll and move game for two to four players aged three years and up and takes about 20 minutes to play. Woo-Hoo stands out with its trunk slide that little players can assemble themselves. This incredibly fun game helps kids learn counting and tactical skills.


It's time to ride down the slide, then pick a toy for your prize!

First, assemble the elephant slide. Then scatter all the toy tokens in the sandbox and give each player a gnome in the color of their choice. The more toys you put in, the longer the game will last. 

The youngest player begins the game and turns pass in a clockwise direction. On your turn, roll only the dice with pips and move your gnome up the slide as many steps as you rolled. If you land on a step where another gnome is already standing, jump over him to the next step. When you reach the final step, your gnome slides down the elephant and collects any toy from the sandbox. After collecting a toy, return to the bottom of the steps and climb back up again on your next turn. 

If you are up to the challenge, you can play this game with advanced rules and the special dice (for ages five and up)!

The game is over when there are no more toys left in the sandbox. The player with the most toys is the winner.

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Game Of Trains board game by Brain Games Publishing
  • 1 elephant slide

  • 20 toy tokens (in 5 different colors and shapes)

  • 4 garden gnomes (in 4 different colors)

  • 2 dice (1 with pips, 1 with symbols for advanced play)

  • Illustrated rules

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