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Playing TEAM 3 on video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts etc.)


Playing with a single copy of TEAM3


  • Whoever has the copy of TEAM3 plays as the builder (because he has the pieces).

    • The builder turns their camera so that the pieces are easily visible to everyone else. 

    • Make sure the structure that will be built will fit in the screen (should not be a problem with blueprints of easy and medium difficulty). 

    • If the builder cannot keep their eyes closed, try using something comfortable (for example a scarf) to cover them. 

  • The other players take turns playing as the architect (the one who can’t speak) or the supervisor (the one in the middle). 

  • The player playing architect has to download the blueprint cards (see below) to use this round (for this, you can use the phone). 

    • To make it easier for the Architect, you can “pin” the Builders screen in the app being used. 


Playing with two or more copies of TEAM3


The basic rules mentioned above stay the same except now that there are more copies of the game. This means the players with physical copies can switch between being the roles of Builders and Architect, as they have the pieces and decks of cards that come with the game. Therefore, there is no need to download the blueprint cards.

Blueprint cards download


It is strongly suggested that all players play on a computer not a phone as it makes it easier for everyone (except the builder of course) to see.

Team3 (1).png
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