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ICECOOL Receives Family Review Center Award

ICECOOL just became twice as cool by receiving double approval from the Family Review Center: Best of the Year Award and Seal of Approval. The reviewers acknowledged ICECOOL’s innovative box-in-a-box board, which takes only a moment to set up. The game was praised for its originality and being “so different from your mainstream game”. As the Family Review Center recommends, “take the plunge and play it; then you will be hooked”.

You can read the full review of ICECOOL here. The Family Review Center agrees that everyone can learn new tricks from our frisky penguins: “This is a fast paced and fun game, with several little tweaks to learn but amazingly fun and you will enjoy it as a family again and again.” So, practice your flicks and get ready for the next family party!

Game of Trains Receives Major Fun Award

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