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A Bunch of ICECOOL Tournaments in Germany

When it comes to ICECOOL tournaments, Germany is a record breaker! On September 9th-10th, a nation-wide event called “Stadt-Land-Spielt” hosted 57 (!!!) ICECOOL tournaments all over the country. But Germany didn’t stop there—13 more competitions took place later in September, proving that this is the leading nation of board-game fans!

These exciting competitions had eight to 20 players. Kids and adults received an equally huge dose of fun, excitement, and enthusiasm! Soon ICECOOL will be a part of several Christmas charity events in Germany, in which participants will compete and do good at the same time by bringing canned food to donate to the poor. Our penguins are honored to be a part of this kind and good-natured movement!

A Bunch of Ice Cool Tournaments in Germany

In total, Germany has had 70 ICECOOL tournaments since September, with several more coming up before the end of 2017

A Bunch of Ice Cool Tournaments in Germany

A stunning close-up of the beautiful ICECOOL trophy

A Bunch of Ice Cool Tournaments in Germany

Here they are—the courageous penguins in all their glory! Who could have thought that these orderly-looking chaps can twist, turn and even fly so gracefully!​

Apply here and host your own ICECOOL tournament!

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