ICECOOL Summer Tournaments in Italy

Our partner Oliphante continues to rock the Italian board game scene with awesome ICECOOL tournaments! The ICECOOL summer began on July 6th with a competition in Milan, next to the San Filippo Neri church. The two finalists were twin brothers and the judge Don Denis could not choose between them, so he awarded first prize to both. That’s a first for the ICECOOL chronicles!

The hot Milanese sun couldn't melt the ICECOOL glaciers of fun!

Sani Mohamed and Sani Yousef—the double winners of ICECOOL tournament in Milan

On July 22nd, the ICECOOL penguin crew moved to the Italian coast for a tournament in Imperia. A few weeks later, on August 6th, some witnesses claim to have seen ICECOOL stars in Genoa, in a match at DungeonStoreGenova. There’s evidence that this contest was won by Alessandro Curatelli.

The DungeonStoreGenova tournament participants realized that ICECOOL is not only about flicking, but also about planning your tricks ahead

The lucky and witty winner, Alessandro Curatelli, with his trophy

The ICECOOL summer tournament season got even more fun as the penguins moved to the Alps! The beautiful town of Aosta welcomed a number of participants in a head-spinning tournament on August 20th. Roberto Piccinini was the lucky winner of this classy event.

A beautiful arcade on a cobblestone street—could there be a more Italian venue for this ICECOOL event?

As always, ICECOOL united adults, kids, and youngsters in a real whirlwind of fun!

Good job, Roberto, and congratulations on your beautiful trophy and prize!

It’s summer—so why not go to the beach? The tournament of August 22nd took place in Viareggio, a wonderful city at the seaside of Tuscany. Organized by Re Artù Bottega di Giochi, this competition was truly worthy of the King Arthur name!

Sometimes ICECOOL penguins twist, whirl and shoot at the speed of light—so fast that even the players can’t follow their tails!

Meet Luca—the honorable and smiling winner of the first ICECOOL tournament in Viareggio!

From one side of the Boot to the other! September 9th saw the first ICECOOL tournament in Ancona, organized by Dadi e Mattoncini. This summer once again proved that wherever ICECOOL travels, joy, smiles, and fun follow its trail!

Flicking is an art and a science at the same time—and only practice makes perfect!

And the best ICECOOL player of Ancona is—drumroll, please—Simone!

Apply here and host your own ICECOOL tournament!

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