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More Than 10 ICECOOL Tournaments in France This Spring

If there was an award for a country that hosted the biggest number ICECOOL tournaments, France would be the undisputed winner! We already told you about the first ICECOOL tournament in France that took place in December. As the spring came and ice melted in the streets, ICECOOL penguins started getting busy. Since April, France has hosted 10 ICECOOL competitions! Two tournaments took place in the neighboring Belgium.

All these events are coordinated by Atalia—Brain Games’ partner in France—and many local game cafes or interest groups. ICECOOL penguins are very happy to travel around France and see beautiful places like Pechbonnieu, near Toulouse. “La ludothèque de Pechbonnieu” hosted a flickin’ awesome tournament here on April 8th. That same day, ICECOOL penguins were showing their moves at “La Vache Carrée” association in Riom in the center of France.

Ice Cool tournament in France

The ICECOOL tournament at “La ludothèque de Pechbonnieu” was great fun for both youngsters and adults

Ice Cool tournament at Slegati!Festival in Parma, Italy

Meet the best ICECOOL players of Pechbonnieu!

Ice Cool tournament in France

Tournament participants at “La Vache Carrée” association got really creative with their flicking!

Ice Cool tournament in France

Having a smart strategy is important while playing ICECOOL—and tournament participants in Riom knew that!

As we moved down to Southern France, ICECOOL emotions got even hotter! The organization “À Tous Jeux” in Nauviale village hosted a massively fun tournament on April 23rd!

Ice Cool tournament in France

Our penguins were excited to see so many young participants in Nauviale!

Bouchemaine in Western France proved that parents know how to have loads of fun too! A local parent’s organization set up an awesome tournament on May 8th!

ICECOOL penguins love toy stores! So “Le Farfadet Joyeux” in Marseille was a perfect place for a flicking tournament on May 12th. There were 24 participants playing six games simultaneously—this was a very active match with lots of flicking action!

Ice Cool tournament in France

At first, the youngest Marseille tournament participants were cautious about their flicking skills…

Ice Cool tournament in France

...but practice makes perfect—the luckiest and the most dexterous players won!

This May has been a head-spinning month for ICECOOL—luckily the rascal penguins love to spin! On May 12th, the “Association La Scy'tadelle des Jeux” organized a family tournament in Scy-Chazelles. The show continued on May 13th in Muret village in Southwestern France.

Ice Cool tournament in France

ICECOOL penguins love making friends with families! The Scy-Chazelles tournament was a perfect event for that!

Ice Cool tournament in France

Scy-Chazelles competition participants with the young winners in front

We found more flicking fans in Western France, in Varennes-le-Grand village! The May 14th tournament was organized by the “Association Escargeeks de Bourgogne”. Then our penguins headed straight up North to Caen where the association “Jouons Ensemble” hosted an ICECOOL tournament on May 19th.

Ice Cool tournament in France

Each ICECOOL player has his own secret flicking strategy—what’s yours?

May 21st was an important day because ICECOOL had its very first outdoors tournament in Bordères-et-Lamensans! This lively event was organized by “Ludo-Médiathèque de Bordères et Lamensans” as part of a local games festival. Another game festival, the “Festival Alchimie du Jeu de Toulouse,” took place on May 26-28th in Toulouse. The ICECOOL tournament was an important element of this super fun game chemistry!

Ice Cool tournament in France

More than 200 people got to know to ICECOOL during the Bordères-et-Lamensans Game festival!

Joy and fun know no borders—so our rascal penguins popped into Belgium as well! Two tournaments, also coordinated by Brain Games partner Atalia, took place on April 19th and 22nd. Thanks to the organization “Boardgame Monkeys,” ICECOOL visited Brussels. The penguins also loved the tournament in Auderghem village, hosted by the organization “Dé Joueur”.

Ice Cool tournament in France

In Auderghem, adult players showed everyone how to have fun, ICECOOL style!

Ice Cool tournament in France

Now we know we have many ICECOOL fans in Belgium!

Wow, what a tour! With many more tournaments planned, now it seems that summer will be an even hotter ICECOOL season in France. Stay tuned, and we’ll tell you all about it!

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