First ICECOOL Tournament in Australia

This summer, our penguins were thrilled to travel south to Melbourne, Australia for the first official Australian ICECOOL tournament! Like the chilly conditions of the penguins’ Arctic home, July 8th was a cold day in Melbourne, but inside the Urbanlife Community Centre, the atmosphere was hot. The monthly Coffee Lounge Games event was held here together with a separate children’s event for the little ICECOOL players.

Twenty adult participants demonstrated their best flicking skills in a very well-received event. After the initial games, everyone settled in for the Grand Final. The concentration on the faces of the four finalists was evident, and each shot of the players was followed by admiring applause from the onlookers. The Grand Final was eventually won by Jon Lim, and Laura Verhoeven was the winner of the children’s event. Coffee Lounge Games looks forward to organizing more exciting and positive events like this one.

First time in Australia for our rascal penguins—yippee!

The enthusiastic participants performed many trick shots, such as the rebound, the jump, and the elusive curve shot

The naughty little penguins also demonstrated a game of a very high standard

Who will become the naughtiest, the flick-iest and the trickiest penguin of all?

We proudly present the winners of the first ICECOOL Tournament in Australia—Jon Lim and Laura Verhoeven!

With high levels of skill, remarkable sportsmanship, and most importantly, fun, the first Australian ICECOOL tournament was a great success

Apply here and host your own ICECOOL tournament!

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