ICECOOL Tournaments at UK Games Expo

On June 2nd to June 4th, Brain Games and ICECOOL visited the largest board game event in the United Kingdom—UK Games Expo. This country of knights and noblemen was a perfect place for the largest ICECOOL tournament ever! In fact, we even had three tournaments—one per day. Each competition had a winner who got our glassy and classy prize!

Getting ready for the biggest ICECOOL tournament ever

This is what a happy ICECOOL trophy winner looks like!

Wit, dexterity and a bit of luck—that’s what you need to win an ICECOOL tournament

ICECOOL tournaments were organized by Imagination Gaming, and as always they were super fun!

The coolest thing about ICECOOL? Friendship and happiness always win! All the UK Games Expo tournament participants agreed with us

Apply here and host your own ICECOOL tournament!

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