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ICECOOL Tournaments on International Tabletop Day

On April 29th, board game fans all around the globe celebrated International Tabletop Day. For sure, our rascal penguins had to show their beaks in two ICECOOL tournaments that took place in the USA – in the states of Utah and Missouri.

The ICECOOL tournament at the Northern Utah Gamers Guild (NUGG) on April 29th was a real blast! SaltCON, the local board game convention organization, helped to arrange this exciting event for 16 competitors. ICECOOL turned the atmosphere boiling hot as the participants showed their best flicking skills.

Ice Cool Tournaments on International Tabletop Day

Wisdom from ICECOOL penguin life: If you are trying to skip class, always watch out for the hall monitor!

Organizers observed: “Everyone really enjoyed trying to make the penguins hop, turn corners, and go through multiple doorways to grab the fish they need while avoiding the player that was acting as the hall monitor.” This time Ryan Bruns was the best penguin-flicker and received the beautiful ICECOOL trophy.

Ice Cool Tournaments on International Tabletop Day

Ryan Bruns – the happy winner of the ICECOOL tournament for International Tabletop Day at the NUGG

The second tournament to honor International Tabletop Day took place in St. Louis, Missouri on April 30th. The renowned board game enthusiast Nils Herzmann from Cyrils Brettspiele organized this event in the best ICECOOL tradition of total awesomeness!

Emotions and loads of fun for all ages – that sounds like ICECOOL! Apply here and host your own Ice Cool tournament!

The board game café Pieces transformed into a competitive ICECOOL arena as 12 participants made the penguins dash, whirl and jump trying to gobble as many fish as possible! The winner – Noah Adelman – revealed: "I practiced all night long before the tournament to bring home this awesome trophy." Persistence pays off!

Apply here and host your own ICECOOL tournament!

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