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First ICECOOL Tournament in Norway

Recently, the ICECOOL penguins traveled north to their natural habitat – the first ICECOOL tournament in Norway! It took place on March 11th within a four-day-long board games festival called MidWinter.

Tournament participants getting to know the class-skipping penguins and the ins and outs of the ICECOOL game

Midwinter has been organized by Haugaland Brettspillklubb for the last 10 years. This year, Brain Games and Lautapelit challenged the organizers to arrange an ICECOOL tournament and they gladly went for it. The game was available to players two days before the match. In total, 16 players participated, but the waiting list was longer, proving that next year’s tournament should be open to more players.

First Ice Cool Tournament in Norway

Sixteen ICECOOL game masters who made the transition from amateurs to flicking masters!

Even if all the players were rather new to ICECOOL, some proved to be naturals! All the participants had tons of fun with our jolly penguins, and there was lots of laughter around the tables.

Klaus Oddenes was the honorable winner of the tournament and received a fantastic trophy and a copy of the ICECOOL game. This was the first time that a beautiful glass trophy was given to the winner of an ICECOOL tournament. Great news – all future tournament winners will also get this shiny prize with a penguin on it. Maybe your trophy is out there, waiting for you?

First Ice Cool Tournament in Norway

What is ice cold and steaming hot at the same time? That’s right – it’s the new ICECOOL glass trophy!

Do you represent a board game community interested in hosting an ICECOOL tournament? A flickin’ great idea! ICECOOL is a game that melts the hearts of participants of all ages! Apply here and host your own ICECOOL event!

First Ice Cool Tournament in Norway

Can you imagine a better way to spend winter than playing board games? MidWinter has picked a good time for hot board game emotions!

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