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Giant ICECOOL in Canada

This March, MONTREAL JOUE FESTIVAL in Canada hosted something even grander than an ICECOOL tournament! Following our suggestion, Brain Games Canadian partner Le Valet d'Coeur assembled together several ICECOOL games, creating a giant game board and a unique play experience!

MONTREAL JOUE FESTIVAL is organized each year by the Montreal Libraries during spring break and invites Montrealers to participate in many free activities in 45 libraries and throughout the city.

Giant Ice Cool in Canada

An ICECOOL board this huge had a genuine wowing effect on all attendees of the MONTREAL JOUE FESTIVAL

Ice Cool tournament at UK Games Expo 2017

The rascal penguin school suddenly grew bigger and even more exciting for the little players

First Ice Cool Tournament in Australia

Fantastic—more classrooms, more corridors and more doorways for sliding through and catching fish!

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