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Game of Trains Receives Major Fun Award

The Game of Trains is stopping at the “Major Fun Award” station! Have you tried this insanely fun game yet? Don’t miss it – especially when the play expert and leader of The Spiel Foundation, Stephen Conway, says it’s MAJOR FUN!

This is the second Major Fun Award won by Brain Games. The first to receive the honor was the ICECOOL game in September last year.

Hosts of the Spiel game show, Stephen and David, describe the Game of Trains like this: “It’s sneaky, it’s simple – and you don’t realize how much fun it’s gonna be until you play it a couple of times.” It’s also what we love about the game (and what your little brother and grandma will love as well) – it’s really simple but also really fun!

David came up with a creative description for the Game of Trains: “You are the engineer of a futuristic train and you have a big problem. All of the rail cars attached to your engine are in the wrong order! You can't leave the station until all the cars are arranged from low to high.”

Reviewers especially praised the artwork of the game, calling it “fun” and “whimsical” with lots of hidden surprises or “Easter eggs”. David pointed out: “It’s this art that you start to notice after a handful of plays, that’s just really fun.” He also noted that the game has many references to geek culture and famous TV series. Which? Well, we don’t want to spoil it for you – you’ll just have to play it yourself!

Game of Trains Receives Major Fun Award

What’s best about Game of Trains? The more you play it, the more secret clues you reveal and the more fun it gets!

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