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Game of Trains and Voilà Receive Saxophone Serenade

Recently two very special games – Voilà and Game of Trains – received a very special award from the famous board game blogger, Dan King, a.k.a. Game Boy Geek. Saxophone Serenade is not like other awards – it doesn’t represent a seal of approval or a trophy. It demonstrates a very personal approach and a new level of originality because the selected games get their own short sax serenade!

In his video review of Game of Trains, the Game Boy Geek praised our compact game for simplicity, quickness and lightness yet great depth because “there are many decisions to make during the game.” He loved that it can be played with “gamers and non-gamers” being simple enough to grasp quickly by anyone. The balance of complexity and fun was what persuaded Dan to include Game of Trains in his game library and play a special saxophone serenade for it.

Game of Trains Receives Saxophone Serenade

If the Game Boy Geek says a game is a keeper, then it IS a keeper!

Voilà video review praised the positive pressure and adrenaline the players feel when trying to complete the tricks in time. Game Boy Geek pointed out: “The fun circus theme brings laughter, along with some speed and dexterity elements.” He also praised Brain Games for publishing several great games in a rather short period of time. To honor the circus theme of Voilà, Game Boy Geek played a sax serenade associated with a popular circus melody.

Are you up to a circus challenge? Take your chances with Voilà – a Sax Serenade winner!

Besides being a board game enthusiast, Dan King is also a music producer and a saxophone artist. He explains his idea about the Saxophone Serenade award: “Now when I keep a game, it gets a quick sax serenade to induct it into my gaming library! I have to get rid of a game due to space restrictions, so this isn't to be taken lightly.”

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