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Featured Five: Family Games

Christmas has come and gone and Hanukkah is well underway… so it’s time to break out the games and play play play. This Featured Five is all about the games that we are currently loving to play with our friends and family this holiday season.

Strike it from Blue Orange Games

This is a modern take on the classic nordic bowling game of Skittles. Think bowling that gets more challenging as you go deeper into the game, because if the pins go flying they reset wherever they land on the next round. It even plays well in the snow!

Rolling America from Gamewright Games

This deceptively simple dice game has rules easy enough for young ones (8+) but unfolds into a surprisingly complex puzzle of decisions. Added bonus: you can use it as a teaching lesson about the geography of the United States!

Codenames Pictures from Czech Games Edition

Codenames is a modern day classic -- a word-based party game where creativity and knowledge of your team will win you the game. Codenames Pictures does everything the original game did, but replaces all the words with beautiful, imaginative pictures. (so kids can play without have to know the definitions of words).

Go Cuckoo from HABA USA

Go Cuckoo is kinda like Jenga in reverse, with an adorable cuckoo riding in the middle. Players take turns adding sticks to the Kiki the cuckoo's nest while simultaneously keeping their eggs balanced inside. And the components are ADORABLE.

Crokinole from Mayday Games

Crokinole is the number 1 rated dexterity game on Its simple to play, but difficult to master. And it's always a big hit with our friends and family... we make sure to hold a tournament each year to crown the king / queen of Crokinole. And there's a little more than a week left on Mayday Games’ Kickstarter, so you can still get this hard-to-find gem.

Honorable Mention: ICECOOL from Brain Games Publishing

Of course we are biased, but we HAD to give a shout out to our penguin-flicking dexterity game: ICECOOL. Adorable penguins + simple rules set in a winter wonderland of an ice cool high school. What more do you need? ;)

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