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Featured Five: Sugar High Score

Introducing our new blog series "Featured Five"

Presenting short lists of five of our favorite things (gaming and gaming tangential).

We want to promote the things that we believe are making the world of gaming a better place. From fun activities to do with your friends and family to inspiring endeavors going on behind the scenes. We hope these lists enrich your life, excite your brain, and bring you closer together with the ones you love.

So without further ado, we present our very first featured five:

Sugar High Score

These adorable creations are all edible handmade projects, crafted with love and skill by the incredible talent of Sugar High Score (

From cookies to cake-pops to multi-tiered extravaganzas, these projects are not just adorably cute, they also remind us how much we love games... and how hungry we are ;)

Here are some of our favorite projects so far:

Sushi Go


Rhino Hero

Potion Explosion

Gingerbread Dice Tower

You can try recreating this masterpiece at home by reading her in-depth guide here:

And for more tasty treats, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

We even hear tell there might be an ICECOOL penguins project coming down the pipe too! Fingers crossed, we would love to see are favorite bird friends in cookie form :)

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