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First ICECOOL Tournament in France

Are there penguins in France? Oui! At least, our little rascal penguins, who skip class to go catch fish. On December 16, an Ice Cool tournament was held in Saint-André-les-Vergers, France.

It was organized by local game library Ludothèque Saint-André-les-Vergers as part of their Winter Game Night (Nuit du Jeu d'Hiver) which involved more than 150 people. Twenty people took part in the ICECOOL tournament, including six young penguin-flicking masters under the age of 10!

Ice Cool tournament in France

As the song goes—ICECOOL is in the air, everywhere you look around!

Suspense was high until the very end of the tournament, as the rounds were very close. The four finalists were David, Antoine, Rudy and Laetitia. It was David who was victorious in the end—congrats to him! But, really, all four of them were winners that night, because they all got to take home copies of ICECOOL.

Winners of Ice Cool tournament in France

The lucky finalists of the first ICECOOL Tournament in France. Félicitations!

The best part, however, is that people enjoyed ICECOOL so much that they kept on playing throughout the night! Now, that’s true ICECOOL spirit! Once you start playing, it’s very hard to stop.

Ice Cool tournament in France

Different country, same challenge—get those tasty fish and catch those rascal penguins!

Sound fun? Want to challenge other ICECOOL fans? Get in touch with us by filling out the form in the right bottom corner if you want to organize a tournament in your city!

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