ICECOOL Trick Shot Contest at LoBsterCon in London

Our little rascal penguins have very busy this past holiday season. On December 2, the ICECOOL Trick Shot Contest was held in London as a part of the board game fan club meet-up LoBsterCon XII: Games of Christmas.

Ice Cool trick shot contest at LoBsterCon in London

Those intense ICECOOL games can be quite a spectacle!

The contest was hosted by board game podcast The Game Pit Podcast, and was held in a Christmassy spirit as the event also included a Christmas jumper competition and a Secret Santa. The trick shot contest gave LoBsterCon attendants the chance to try out ICECOOL and hopefully catch the flicking bug.

Ice Cool trick shot contest at LoBsterCon in London

Wanna play? Get in line!

Lucky winners of the trick shot contest got to take home copies of ICECOOL games. We’re sure that the game came in handy over the holidays and made their friends and family gatherings even more jolly.

Winner of Ice Cool trick shot contest at LoBsterCon in London

Ah, we know that smile well! That’s the smile of someone who just got their hands on an ICECOOL game!

Got any cool trick shots up your sleeve? Can’t wait to show them off? Contact us by filling out the form in the right bottom corner if you want to organize an ICECOOL tournament in your city!

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