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Riga Hosts the First Official ICECOOL Tournament

As Riga was the birthplace of ICECOOL, it just had to be the place for the first ever ICECOOL tournament! The tournament was held on November 19 as part of the Baltic Catan Championship.

Ice Cool tournament in Riga

The ICECOOL tournament—tension is in the air!

It involved 19 players, all ready to flick some penguins and have some fun. The competition took place over 18 spirited and action-packed rounds. In the end, Martinz (Mārtiņš Rācenis) claimed the ultimate victory.

Winner of the tournament, penguin-flicking master – Martinz!

Winner of the tournament, penguin-flicking master – Martinz!

ICECOOL tournaments are the logical next step in building and nourishing the game’s community. As anyone who has ever played ICECOOL knows, the game brings out your competitive side—once you start flicking, you can’t stop! Tournaments provide a great setting for game’s biggest fans to celebrate the game and show off their flicking skills.

To make the competition even more exciting, Brain Games have developed special ICECOOL tournament rules. The most important change? For every fish caught, players get only one point – not the random one, two or three points. This way, the winner is determined based on skill, not luck.

Ice Cool tournament in Riga

What focus! What technique!

Guys, the tournament was seriously fun! If you wish to organize a penguin-flicking tournament in your community, do get in touch with us by filling out the form in the right bottom corner!

Winners of Ice Cool tournament in Riga

The crème de la crème of ICECOOL players in Riga

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