Iron Forest is a new flicking game from authors and publisher of ICECOOL. Iron Forest is the next level (quite literally) of the flicking game evolution.


In Iron Forest there are two teams:


  • Iron Forest - ancient city defense system activated by an old defense protocol

  • Animal Clans - animals who have built mechs from the parts, scavenged from the old city


The game comes with multiple scenarios (each with different tasks and goals) to choose from. First team to win two of them is declared the victor of this epic struggle.


Iron Forest features:

  • Unique flicking pieces - mech miniatures

  • A game board in two levels

  • Launcher for shooting your miniatures on to the 2nd level of the game board

  • Box in a box system

  • Quick and simple scenarios, yet each very unique

  • Stunning artwork

Iron Forest is coming to Kickstarter in 2021!


*Artwork of the game is a work in progress