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Dig Mars family board game by Brain Games Publishing


Humanity is on the verge of its biggest discovery. A probe sent down to one of the canyons on Mars, has found clues that the depths of the planet contain extraordinary objects of unknown origins.


You are sent on a mission, to find these objects and bring them back. Outplay your rivals and gain the most fortune, and you will make history.


Dig Mars is an easy tactic game: you explore a canyon on Mars, dig the ground and carry away the treasures, thus gaining fortune points. Use the fortune points to upgrade your equipment in order to dig through more difficult ground and terrain, carry more difficult treasures and expand your expedition fleet. Your aim is to be the first to get a certain amount of points on a Red Planet.

Family board game Dig Mars
Dig Mars family board game by Brain Games Publishing

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  • 60 tiles — 48 Exploration tiles and 12 Equipment tiles;

  • 16 Station tokens in 4 colors; 

  • 10 Fortune tokens; 

  • 12 Equipment markers in 4 colors;

  • Game rules.

Dig Mars family board game by Brain Games Publishing
Dig Mars family board game by Brain Games Publishing


In Dig Mars, players perform different actions to dig out discovery tiles. Discovery tiles are worth varying numbers of fortune points, but fortune points can also be used to upgrade a player's equipment. When to do what? Timing is key. The different actions are:


Move one of your tokens to an adjacent stack in a horizontal or vertical direction.


Reveal the top tile of the stack with at least one of your tokens on it.

Carry out

Choose any revealed tile with at least one of your tokens on it and take it into your possession, giving you fortune points.


Pay the corresponding number of fortune points to boost one of your equipment tile to the next level.

Dig Mars family board game by Brain Games Publishing

You can also cooperate with other player to dig ground and carry treasures of higher difficulty or avoid cooperation.


When a player has collected a certain amount of fortune points, depending on number of players, the game ends and he wins!

Download game rules



BoardGameGeek Average Raiting: 6.26/10

BoardGameGeek Game Page: Dig Mars

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What makes Mars Dig really interesting is possibility to cooperate, when digging. Other players can join forces not only of several their own stations, but also agree with some opponents. Such works are then rewarded and shared fairly. Sometimes it pays off, when you are in need to catch up with remaining opponents or trying to dig good and otherwise unreachably deep position. Feeling coming from cooperating with enemies, but still lending a helping hand, is an excellent option, that players love to use from time to time as part of their tactics."


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