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United States of America

Tournaments run by Brain Games and ENVOY

The US Championship season started already in September 2017 and will continue till August 2018. In the United States there are 28 State Championships altogether, which are followed by 9 Regional Championships. Then, the Regional Champions from the US will join the Regional Champions from Canada to determine a North American Champion on August 4th, at this year’s Gen Con, in Indianapolis, Indiana. More info about 2018 North American ICECOOL Championship here


In order to apply for a State Championship, please follow information about a relevant convention on their website and social media profiles or get in touch with Vincent Salzillo:

List of State and Regional Championships within conventions run across the United States:

Northeast Regional Championship - DEXCON (July)

State Championships:

  • DREAMATION (February) - New Jersey

  • CaptainCon (February) - Rhode Island

  • Queen City Conquest (September) - New York

  • TotalCon (February) - Massachusetts


Midwest Regional Championship -  DieCon (June)

State Championships:

  • U-Con (November) - Michigan

  • Who's Yer Con (April) - Indiana

  • Geekway to the West (May) - Missouri

  • The Gaming Hoopla (April) - Illinois A 

  • AdeptiCon (March) - Illinois B

  • CinCityCon (October) - Ohio

  • Nexus Game Fair (May) - Wisconsin


Northern Regional Championship - Tri-Con Spring (April)

State Championships:

  • Great Plains Game Festival (February) - Nebraska

  • Gamicon (February) - Iowa

  • Con of the North (February) - Minnesota

​Southwest Regional Championship - GenghisCon (February)

State Championships:

  • TactiCon (September) - Colorado

Southeast Regional Championship - Atlanta Game Fest (May)

State Championships:

  • Lexicon (May) - Kentucky

  • Game-o-Rama (March) - Georgia

  • CharCon Bonus Round (May) - West Virginia

  • CoastCon (March) - Mississippi

  • MACE (November) - North Carolin

  • Quest-Con (October) - Alabama

  • Tennessee game Days (March) - Tennessee

Northwest Regional Championship - Evergreen Tabletop Expo (June)

State Championships:

  • Gamestorm (March) - Oregon

  • OrcaCon (January) - Washington

  • PlatypusCon (January) - Alaska

West Coast Regional Championship - RAGECON (June)

State Championships:

  • KublaCon (May) - California

  • MeepleCon (March) - Nevada

Western Regional Championship - SaltCon (March)

State Championships:

  • BryceCon (January) - Utah

Southern Regional Championship - KantCon (July)

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