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Tournaments organized by Lifestyle

This year Russia holds a record-breaking number of ICECOOL playoffs - more than 150 tournaments from September until October! Competitions take place in different cities throughout the country finishing with the National Championship in Moscow at the end of October.


Participants and winners of tournaments receive prizes and gifts from Lifestyle’s partners – Karibia waterpark, Wabi Sabi restaurant chain, Children’s town of all trades Masterslavl – as well as gift certificates from the board game store Igroved and other token gifts. Winner of the National Championship will then take part in the ICECOOL World Championship in Latvia.


Regional tournaments are hosted by Lifestyle’s wholesale partners, a chain of board game stores Igroved, child and family centers and schools. More information on the playoffs and registration for the games will be available on the website dedicated to the ICECOOL game and Championship that will be available in July 2018.

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