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Tournaments organized by Luma

In collaboration with Brain Games and several national partners, Luma is organising nation-wide ICECOOL tournaments for the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Québec! Do you think you have the flicking skills it takes to win the tournament and be crowned the winner in your province?

All four provincial winners will be awarded a 2-day pass to and 2 nights accommodation to participate in the North American ICECOOL Championship at Gen Con. The champion will then have a chance to compete in the ICECOOL World Championship in Europe!

These are Luma’s national partners:


  • British Columbia partner: Pizzeria Ludica

  • Alberta partner: The Gamers' Lodge

  • Ontario partner: 401 Games, Toys and Sportscards

  • Quebec partner: Mondial des Jeux Loto-Québec, Le Colonel Moutarde and Le Valet d'Coeur

**All Canadian provincial tournaments are open to all Canadian residents. You may take part in as many tournaments as you like and you may participate in a tournament from a province other than your own.

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