First ICECOOL Tournament in Norway

Recently, the ICECOOL penguins traveled north to their natural habitat – the first ICECOOL tournament in Norway! It took place on March 11th within a four-day-long board games festival called MidWinter. Tournament participants getting to know the class-skipping penguins and the ins and outs of the ICECOOL game Midwinter has been organized by Haugaland Brettspillklubb for the last 10 years. This year, Brain Games and Lautapelit challenged the organizers to arrange an ICECOOL tournament and they gladly went for it. The game was available to players two days before the match. In total, 16 players participated, but the waiting list was longer, proving that next year’s tournament should be open t

Giant ICECOOL in Canada

This March, MONTREAL JOUE FESTIVAL in Canada hosted something even grander than an ICECOOL tournament! Following our suggestion, Brain Games Canadian partner Le Valet d'Coeur assembled together several ICECOOL games, creating a giant game board and a unique play experience! MONTREAL JOUE FESTIVAL is organized each year by the Montreal Libraries during spring break and invites Montrealers to participate in many free activities in 45 libraries and throughout the city. An ICECOOL board this huge had a genuine wowing effect on all attendees of the MONTREAL JOUE FESTIVAL The rascal penguin school suddenly grew bigger and even more exciting for the little players Fantastic—more classrooms, more co

Game of Trains Receives Major Fun Award

The Game of Trains is stopping at the “Major Fun Award” station! Have you tried this insanely fun game yet? Don’t miss it – especially when the play expert and leader of The Spiel Foundation, Stephen Conway, says it’s MAJOR FUN! This is the second Major Fun Award won by Brain Games. The first to receive the honor was the ICECOOL game in September last year. Hosts of the Spiel game show, Stephen and David, describe the Game of Trains like this: “It’s sneaky, it’s simple – and you don’t realize how much fun it’s gonna be until you play it a couple of times.” It’s also what we love about the game (and what your little brother and grandma will love as well) – it’s really simple but also really f

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