Seal of Excellence for Voilà!

EN We are happy to announce that our game, Voilà!, has received the Seal of Excellence at the Creative Child Awards in the Kids Games category. Voilà! is a fast-paced dexterity game, set in the fun and challenging world of a circus. In the game, players are set against an unforgiving sand clock and are required to perform tasks that test their agility and speed, as well as to push their luck. The Creative Child Awards are organized by Creative Child Magazine in the US. Entries for the competition are evaluated by moms and educators according to their usability, functionality and desirability in several categories. The Seal of Excellence is awarded to games that “exceed expectations for nurtu

Major Fun Award

EN Major announcement! Our latest brainchild, ICECOOL, has been awarded the Major Fun Award – a testament to the pure joy the flicking game brings to players of all ages. In the review, Stephen Conwey from Major Fun observes: “The pieces cry out to be flicked and you’ll start flicking them through doors and over walls just for fun as you are setting up the game. Anyone with working fingers can play and enjoy ICECOOL and will instantly know that it is absolutely… Major Fun!” So, a quick recap: ICECOOL, the fun flicking game featuring rascal penguins that decide to skip class and go sneak some fish, was launched in June 2016 at the UK Games Expo. Since that launch, ICECOOL has already received

Game of the Year Award 2016

EN Hooray! Brain Games’ newest game, ICECOOL, was awarded the 2016 Game of the Year award in the Kids Action Game category at the Creative Child Awards. The awards are organized by Creative Child Magazine in the US. What is special about this award is that the games submitted for consideration are reviewed by moms and educators – the very people who buy the games kids play with. Entries are evaluated for their usability, functionality and desirability – represented in ICECOOL by the new fun flicking techniques and the “box-in-a-box” setup. ICECOOL, a flicking game, has been gathering buzz ever since it was launched to the public in June 2016. It has already received awards in the UK and the

Brain Games Publishing is completing projects co-funded by ERDF

EN Brain Games Publishing has signed a contract no. SKV-L-2016/741 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia about receiving support under ERDF project "Promotion of international competitiveness" (project ID no. LV Brain Games Publishing 2016. g. 1. septembrī ir noslēdzis līgumu nr. SKV-L-2016/741 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta sniegšanu ERAF projekta "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana" (projekta identifikācijas nr. ietvaros.

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